What we acheive together


Sometimes the problems we are faced with are all that we can see. Like we are walking through life at an unrelenting speed and in every direction we look is quicksand. We get stuck feeling like we are living the same old story every day or living a life that we wish we could escape. When you feel bogged down and like you are sinking, It can be hard to notice things that we are doing right, or strengths that we possess. It sometimes takes an outsider to say “hold the phone”, I see some solid ground if you head this way. My goal is to offer a space where you can discover yourself in a way that you never have before. The problems that you are dealing with don’t need to be the focus of our sessions. In fact, we might just discover that solutions come easily once you've got a few ugly feelings out of the way! 


I promise to value your humanity above all else - Diversity is celebrated as a contributor to the co-created space between us. My office is a safe space for you to question yourself and to be brutally honest about who you are. This allows you to truly come to understand, accept and develop your authentic self. Yep, unapologetically you, is the version of you we are striving toward. No more second guessing and feeling sorry for who you are.


I foster an environment of safety and honesty by encouraging you to take the lead. This space is for you and that means you call the shots when it comes to whether we address certain things, continue with a particular approach, or change directions altogether. I honour your ability to make changes in your own time when you are ready. I do this because I know how important it is for you to know that I deeply accept you regardless of where you are at in your journey and that sometimes you will know better what it is you need than anyone else can. If you struggle with taking this kind of ownership, I will encourage and empower you to become a leader in your life. The kind of leader that can say to me: “you’re off the mark and here’s why…”, if you needed to.


Too often it can be difficult to understand what leads us to where we are. We get stuck wondering: Did I learn this habit somewhere? Was I born with this? Am I the reason that I feel this way, or are circumstances to blame? Which can lead to even more unanswered questions about where to start when it comes to how to make things better. The all-too-familiar state of analysis paralysis...

I will encourage you to consider your wellness from a perspective that everything is connected. Your mind and body and spirit work together to generate the way you feel and how you function day to day. Yes, we will explore unconscious beliefs and other enigmas of the mind but this is done in conjunction with exploring various lifestyle and physical factors. We aren’t just considering the problem that you are coming to therapy with - we are coming to understand the many determinants of optimal mental health and wellness and look at your life holistically when we explore solutions. This frees your mind from the task of grinding for a single impossible answer to: "what's wrong", and gives you practical changes to implement right away. 

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